Frequently Asked Questions

No problem.  Just call us so that we can accommodate.  The earliest the better.

Please call us straight away to advise you will be running late.  You will be charged a late fee of $20 for every 10 minutes after 615pm.  i.e.  If you collect at 625pm, you will be charged an additional $20 which will be added to your invoice.

We would check with the school office in the 1st instance to make sure that the child was actually present.  If so we would then check all areas of the school including toilets, classrooms, tech rooms.  Upon completion we would then notify the school office again that the child is not present.  We would call the parent and emergency next of kin.  If still no luck we call the police and report a missing child.   As our drivers have anywhere from 2-4 schools to collect from, children must make their way to the designated waiting area AS SOON as the bell goes.  Going to the shop, having a chat with friends, holds up the driver and leaves other children vulnerable waiting for the driver to arrive.

No problem.  Call or text us straight away so we can advise our drivers.

The school will call you in the direct instance (provided they have updated details), if it is a regular attending child the school will call 4FUN as well.  We would ask for the child to wait in the school office and as soon as our 1st driver has finished, they will be sent to the school to collect your child.

This is notified at the time of enrolment and or as you become aware.  We have an allergy register and need to be aware of the allergy and medications required.  Staffs are advised as well as the information is recorded in a common area for all staff to access.

1:10 while onsite at 4FUN.  1:8 while off-site (excursions trip days).  1:6 while at water excursions (Hot pools beach etc).

The child is spoken to individually, dependant on what has happened, they could be sat in a quiet spot to think about their actions, write lines, or apologise.  Or all of these. We have a ZERO tolerance to bullying whether it is verbal or physical, therefore verbal or physical bullying will result in a child being dismissed from 4FUN care, effective close of business the day it happens.  Parents will be advised upon collection if they have not already been contacted.  There are NO warnings for this behaviour, as bullying is not accepted within 4FUN.

Staff is regularly sent on workshops and courses with NZ Career College, Out of School Care Network and more recently the Oscar Foundation.  There is a minimum of 1 staff member on site within each programme who holds their 1st Aid certificates. Having a full NZ drivers License is a requirement and all but casual staff hold this.   All staff when recruited is either parents themselves and or have worked with children (schools, other OSCAR programmes and or Early Childhood Care).

4FUN staff will make contact with you to advise.