Sick Bay

Sick Bay

Ever know that your child is too sick to go to school but you just can’t afford the time off? Well 4FUN can take care of that for you!

A designated “Sick Bay” with Bunk Beds, Library, TV, DVD & Gaming. Set up to have your children REST, get well and back to learning. Your children will be limited to the bathroom and Sick Bay only.

We can even collect your child from school, take them to West Care White Cross (Lincoln Road), collect medication (if required), and administer (orally only). All you need to do is stay close to your mobile so we can provide you with text updates of your child’s progress.

Note: We are not registered nurses or doctors but can provide “care” to your children to enable a quick and painless recovery all while you continue with your daily activities.

DAILY Rates: $45 (6:45am-6:15pm) OR $4.50 Per Hour
TRANSPORTATION: $1.80 per km from collection to 4FUN
MEDICATION: Costs will be invoiced to you directly by 4FUN (Copies of receipts will be provided + 10% admin fee)
  • Attended 4FUN before, just call us to arrange Sick Bay Care.
  • Never been to 4FUN before? Enrol online here
  • Work and Income OSCAR Subsidies available.
  • Don’t forget once you have collected your child you will need to pop down to West Care White Cross and pay any outstanding monies owed.

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